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It’s never too late to learn something new. Come and try the amazing sport fencing! Come along on one of the club’s beginner courses!

Helsinki Fencing Club or HFM as we call ourselves is the oldest fencing club in Finland. The club offers beginner courses for children and adults regardless of their goal. You can start fencing at any time and it easily becomes your sport for life, since there is no upper age limit to participate in competitions or in our trainings. Fencing works well as a hobby or as a form of exercise. And if competing interests you, competitions are arranged for kids and adults of all ages.

Joint training sessions, competition trips, events and parties contribute to the good team spirit. It’s fun to be in HFM! This in turn motivates all the volunteers who work in our club.

If you don’t have any previous experience, we recommend you to join a beginner’s course where you will learn the basics of fencing: the footwork, blade work, safety and etiquette. Dress in gym clothes and make sure to bring training shoes. The club will provide all needed fencing equipment.

The registration is done via the club’s online store. A registration fee of 20€ is charges and depending on the course, the rest of the price is invoiced when the course has ended.

New beginner courses are offered four times a year, two in the spring and two in the autumn. Beginner courses are posted in the online store about a month before the course starts. If you can’t find a course suited for you, leave your contact information threw the online store so we can contact you when a suitable course is offered.

Get acquainted with our beginner courses here >

•       A combat sport, which has been in the Olympics since Athens 1896.
•       Three weapons: epee, foil and sabre.
•       A sport which demands physical, technical and tactical skills.
•       A gentleman’s sport!

For those who are interested in fencing as a competitive sport, it needs to be mentioned that many of our clubs fencer have achieved international success. Our club provides high-quality training, which gives our fencers all the needed tools to achieve good results in competitions. Our goal is to achieve international results as a result of high-quality training.

In resent years, HFM has won more Finnish championship gold medals than all the other clubs combined both in individual and team competitions. Our high level fencers represent Finland in the national team and some of them have done great results already on junior level winning medals in the World championships (Alexander Lahtinen 3.) and European Championships (Catharina Kock 2.). Our clubs very own, Niko Vuorinen and Catharina Kock represented Finland in the qualifying competitions for both London and Rio Olympics after obtaining the highest Finnish placement on the world ranking. Our fencers have also done great results in veteran competitions (competitions for over 50-year-old fencers). Marja-Liisa Someroja has won 10 world championship gold medals on both epee and foil whereas Irma Lindeman and Lena Tallroth-Kock both have one individual bronze medal from the world championships.

Address: Kyllikinkatu 10, 00240 Helsinki
Telephone: 040-825 5221
Facebook: Helsingin miekkailijat – Helsingfors Fäktare
Instagram: helsinginmiekkailijat